Prev aims to be a pioneering brand leading the plant-based movement with a firm belief in the unnecessary use of animal materials in today's world. Born from this conviction, Prev meticulously crafts products solely from plant-based materials, symbolizing a fusion of "Plant" and "Revolution," which are two pillars of our brand, also comprising our name.

In this era of the plant revolution, Prev is spearheading a new chapter for the fashion industry by redefining material choices and advocating for animal welfare, human health, and environmental sustainability. Each meticulously hand-crafted product showcases the endless possibilities of plant-based alternatives, reflecting our commitment to transformative, ethical fashion practices.

At Prev, our ethos centers on compassion, ethical consciousness, and inclusivity. We proudly embrace cruelty-free practices, ensuring no animals are harmed throughout our production process. Additionally, we challenge old societal norms by adopting a non-binary approach to sizing and celebrating the diversity of individuals, emphasizing that true beauty transcends conventional standards. In this movement towards a compassionate, sustainable fashion future, we work tirelessly to be more than just a brand but a driving force for positive change.


We ardently believe that true style transcends fleeting trends, and our objective is to create products that stand as enduring expressions of elegance and sophistication. By prioritizing quality materials, attention to detail, and versatile styles, we aim to craft pieces that remain relevant and chic across seasons and occasions. It also encompasses an ethos of sustainability that encourages conscious consumption by producing products that stand the test of time, thus reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable fashion environment. 

We aim to break down the traditional boundaries of clothing by offering versatile, inclusive designs that rise above gender norms. We aim to create products that celebrate individuality and diversity, free from the constraints of societal expectations. We design and offer garments that are accessible to most, regardless of gender to promote a sense of inclusivity and empowerment. Embracing fluidity in style, our pieces are effortlessly adaptable, allowing individuals to express themselves authentically without limitations. 

We take care that our materials are respectful to nature and animals, innovative, high quality, and long-lasting, and we strive to be a pioneer in this regard. We know that in a world with limited resources, we need innovation, different perspectives, and creative ideas to meet demand. The possibilities of sustainable and ethical material innovation are endless, we pursue and encourage them.

Our products should be created to bring years of joy and value to their owners. Before launching, a new Prev product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our demanding quality standards. 

From the sourcing of cruelty-free materials to the manufacturing processes devoid of animal by-products, our focus remains resolutely on creating stylish, durable, and high-quality products without compromising animal welfare. In this way, we show that timeless quality, stylish design, and ethical manufacturing practices can coexist harmoniously. 


Although with a global mission and vision, Prev is a locally-produced brand that works with a small number of selected ateliers to manufacture its products. When selecting our manufacturing partners, we pay great attention to ensuring that the employees work fair hours and earn at least the minimum wage. We also try our best to work with ateliers that employ female workers.

Although our commitment to ethical production may cause delays and problems in the production process from time to time, we always put and continue to put ethical production at the forefront. We see informing everyone about these processes as part of supporting ethical production so that our customers can tolerate these delays

We encourage our manufacturing partners that use animal leather to discover plant-based leather with us, and together we lay the foundations for the spread of vegan production. We work with multiple ateliers, making sure that each atelier produces the types of products and models in their area of expertise.


We are conscious of selling online and know that delivering our products can create significant waste. Therefore, plastic-free cargo shipping is crucial for us. Our products are always delivered with plastic-free packaging and shipping.

Our shipping boxes are produced with durable, naturally colored craft cardboard. We ensure that every material in our packaging is long-lasting, reusable, or easily recyclable.

We strive to minimize our carbon footprint with the materials we use and our operational processes. 


As a group of young, environmentally and animal rights-conscious individuals motivated by innovation, creativity, and sustainable solutions, we take meaningful steps to ensure that our work environment and mission align with our products. From providing a safe and non-discriminatory environment to building strong relationships, we strive to continuously improve in the workplace, reflecting the spirit of teamwork. 

We value the combination of young minds and experienced hands. Therefore, the average age of our team is 26. 

Since we do not believe in gender binary, it is important for us to take care to have LGBTQIA+ individuals in our team. Due to the disadvantage of female employees in the society in Türkiye, we show positive discrimination and keep the number of female employees more than 60 percent of our company structure.



Our team is fully committed to the rigorous pursuit of B-Corp certification by 2025, actively engaging in dedicated efforts to align our practices with the high ethical, social, and environmental benchmarks set by B-Corp. This commitment drives us to implement sustainable initiatives, ethical business practices, and community-focused strategies and positions us to achieve this respected certification while ensuring that our operations positively contribute to a more conscious and sustainable future.

Social Projects

Our mission extends beyond creating stylish and sustainable clothing; it encompasses a deep commitment to social responsibility through impactful initiatives. We're dedicated to expanding our involvement in social projects, aiming to uplift and support communities in need. Through these endeavors, we strive to use our platform to effect positive change, advocating for causes that resonate with our values of inclusivity, empowerment, and social justice, leaving a lasting and meaningful impact on the communities we touch. In addition, we donate our products that cannot be sold, are defective but do not prevent their use to charity associations and bring them together with those in need.

Upcycling and Second Hand

We are deeply committed to reducing environmental impact by incorporating upcycled materials into our designs and championing second-hand fashion as a viable and stylish choice. We also encourage the adoption of second-hand fashion by promoting the reuse and redesign of garments and advocating for a circular fashion economy that minimizes waste. We never dispose of products that are unsaleable, have been used in collection shootings, or have been produced incorrectly, instead, we reserve the products to bring them together with our community at more affordable prices with the event called Sample Sale.

Better Logistics

We're steadfastly focused on enhancing our logistics and warehouse stock management systems, all aimed at significantly mitigating the carbon footprint associated with our shipping procedures. By optimizing our logistical operations and revamping warehouse stock management, we're proactively streamlining processes to reduce waste, minimize unnecessary transportation, and maximize efficiency throughout our supply chain. Through these concerted efforts, we are dedicated to not only lessening our environmental impact but also fostering a more sustainable approach to shipping that aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

Ecodesign and Durability

Our unwavering commitment remains steadfast in our pursuit to consistently deliver enduring, high-quality products that undergo meticulous and rigorous testing procedures. This is why we intend to invest even more in stringent quality control measures and comprehensive testing protocols throughout the product development lifecycle. By steadfastly adhering to these rigorous testing procedures, we prioritize not only the satisfaction of our customers but also the assurance that every product leaving our facilities embodies our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and longevity.


Transparency is not merely a choice but an unwavering commitment that guides our ethos. Internally, we prioritize open communication, fostering an environment where information flows freely, enabling collaboration and informed decision-making at every level. Externally, we pledge to provide clarity and honesty, ensuring that our customers, stakeholders, and the wider community have access to comprehensive and truthful information about our products, operations, and practices.