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Her duruma uygun ve kullanışlı bir laptop çantası. Geniş iç hacmi, yalnızca bilgisayarınızı değil, aynı zamanda şarj cihazı, defterler ve diğer dosyaları birlikte taşımaya olanak tanır. İç kısmındaki iki büyük cep, küçük aksesuarları saklamak için kullanışlıdır. Üst kalite manyetik kapatma sistemi ile hareket özgürlüğü ve artırılmış güvenlik sunar. Güçlendirilmiş kalıbı sayesinde içerisindeki eşyaların şeklini almaz, kendi formunu korur. Geri dönüştürülebilir pamuktan, özel dikilmiş koruma çantasıyla birlikte gelir.



13-14": 27x38 cm
15-16": 29x41.5 cm

Size: 15-16"

Size: 15-16"

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"Produced as an alternative to animal skin, apple skin is a bio-based material made using pulp and peel leftover from the juice and compote industry. Originating from the Bolzano region in northern Italy, this material begins production by pulverizing recycled apple waste.

After processing, they are sent to a factory in Florence, where the cotton-weighted back weaving is made. The result is a durable yet soft leather material.

One of the most important aspects of using apple waste is that it is a completely renewable resource. Significantly reduces the CO2 impact compared to artificial leather made from 100% fossil fuels. While it is the least harmful material in terms of water and carbon footprint, it does not contain any toxic chemicals and is hypoallergenic.

What makes apple skin even more special is that the renewable resource is also from a natural waste stream. Apple pulp from cider factories is classified as special waste and in most cases ends up in landfills or, in some cases, is incinerated as fuel. We prefer to use this waste, which will be wasted, in our revolutionary products."

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Siparişlerinizi 14 gün içerisinde iade edebilirsiniz.

Protect your product from excess sun or heat, moisture, and harsh cleaning products, including alcohol-based ones. Gently wipe with a damp cloth, and never wash them in the washing machine.

You can use a leather cleaner to clean your product. (Test leather cleaner on a small section of the product -Preferably inside of it- before cleaning the surface) a regular cleaner made for animal-based leather can work on plant-based leather as well.

Avoid getting your product wet. If they get wet, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources like radiators. Let them dry at room temperature without closing them in a box. Do not dry leather with any heat appliances like a hairdryer.

Over time, cracks and scratches may occur naturally due to use. This happens because of the nature of all materials.

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